Over time your piano becomes dirty, dusty, and full of debris that accumulates in the interior or under the keys. Many pianos also have scratches or dents in their finish with normal wear and tear. Piano Refurbishing is an excellent solution to this problem.


Pianos we service come out looking wonderfully new, because this is a complete overhaul.


Your piano will be completed in approximately one week, because we have a dedicated department that refurbishes pianos full time.

  • Pick up piano at your convenience with our experienced movers.

  • Remove any debris from inside piano (dust, dirt, coins, paperclips, pens, insect eggs, mouse droppings, spider webs, etc.)

  • Polish and seal all hardware (hinges, pedals, lyre rods, etc.)

  • New surface felts and buttons

  • Wash soundboard and harp (clean interior)

  • Pulido strings (removes and prevent rust)

  • Pulido pins (removes and prevent rust)

  • Remove oxidation from bass strings

  • Clean action (keys inside piano)

  • Clean case (outside)

  • Remove keys to clean key bed

  • Clean keys

  • Lubricate action

  • Minor action repairs

  • Regulate pedals

  • Touch up all nicks and dings

  • Stain and color match case

  • Tune piano to A440

  • Deliver your like new piano safely, with our licensed and insured services.

All used pianos we sell have been fully refurbished or rebuilt. View our inventory.